Quilts and Coverlets provide a great alternative to the traditional comforter or duvets and duvet covers. From simple and elegant designs to rich and colourful patchworks, there is a style for every taste.

Why Choose a Quilt or Coverlet?


Use your quilt as a light-weight option in the summer time, and then use it for a layered look in the winter by adding a cozy coordinating duvet or textured blanket. Quilts with fully reversible patterns add even more interest and decorating options.

A new trend in the quilted look is the quilted duvet cover. Put your favourite duvet inside the quilted cover for the winter, and remove the duvet in the summer months for a lighter weight option that still looks great on your bed!


Quilts are inherently simple. Understated elegance, clean lines and ease of use. No fumbling with bulky and heavy comforters, or struggling to properly fit a duvet into its cover. Quilts are easy to lift, easy to wash, and easy to set.


We carry a beautiful selection of quilts by Brunelli and Daniadown.

Quilts are available in Twin, Queen, Queen Plus, King, Extra King, and Super King!

There is a style for everyone!

grey quilt
Colourful quilt
quilted bedding