Duvet Covers

 Duvet Covers

Duvet Covers and Duvets provide a great alternative to the traditional comforter. Though your initial investment may be higher, there are several advantages and benefits to enjoy over the long term.

Why Choose a Duvet Cover?


Change the look of your bedroom, just by changing the duvet cover! When you tire of your current pattern or you are ready to re-decorate, you have the option to re-cover your favourite duvet with a new pattern and colour scheme. Change it by the season if you want!

Customize the fill according to your preferences. Duvets are available in a variety of fill options including silk, down, wool and synthetics. You can choose the best option for your needs based on warmth levels, ease of cleaning, sleep habits and health concerns.


Remove the cover and machine wash it, instead of having to continually wash a bulky comforter.

As long as you are properly maintaining your duvet cover and regularly washing your bedding, you should only need to clean your duvet about once every two years. Freshen your duvet between washings by periodically airing it out in the fresh air, or using the air fluff setting in your dryer.


With hundreds of patterns to choose from, the selection in duvet covers is vast. The possibilities are almost endless! We carry a selection of duvet covers by Alamode Home, Brunelli, Daniadown, Wonder Home fashions, and more.

Duvet covers come in a wider variety of sizes, including everything from crib size to super king.

There is a style for everyone! 

Textured Solids

 Textured duvet cover
  Solid duvet cover


 Botanical duvet cover
 Floral duvet cover

stripes and plaids

 Stripe duvet cover
 Plaid duvet cover

Funky Geometrics

 Funky geometric duvet cover


 Romantic floral duvet cover
 Romantic duvet cover


 Rustic duvet cover
 Rustic and cute duvet cover

Our inventory is always changing and evolving! Visit our store to see current, in-stock selection!